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Home-Start Butser is a charity that provides a lifeline for families with young children when they are going through difficult times. To do this we recruit and train volunteers to support parents with young children at home. Families come to us when they can’t cope on their own. 

As parents we have the best intentions of providing a loving, secure and happy environment, but what if life gets in the way? How do you cope when you are a young expectant mother and you find out that your husband has cancer needing lengthy and difficult treatment? Your whole experience of motherhood is suddenly a much more daunting journey.

How do you cope if your husband leaves and you are left to bring up two young children on your own? Suddenly you have to support young children emotionally, and practically, whilst having to deal with the trauma of rejection, isolation and loneliness.  

This is where our team of incredible volunteers come in. They give up their time each week to visit and support families, because, as parents themselves, they recognise the difficult, challenging job that parenting is. 

To families who are going through a critical time in their lives the visit of a non-judgemental person, who just wants to help emotionally or practically, really does make a difference. Our families tell us what a difference they make: “A lifeline’” “An amazing person”, “It means so much”.

Based in Petersfield we cover the area from Greatham in the North to Rowlands Castle in the South, and we are delighted that Home-Start Butser is opening a new Family Group in Clanfield. We welcome parents from all walks of life, whether you are struggling, feeling low in confidence, experiencing loneliness, or just want to find out more, please do join us to meet other parents and their children in a safe and caring environment.

If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteers we’d love to hear from you. Volunteers come from all walks of life and the only requirement is that you have been a parent, and you undertake an eleven week Preparation Course.  

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Nicola Winter: 01730 233755

Winton House Centre,
18 High Street
GU32 3JL

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Days: Monday – Thursday
Times: 09:00 - 16:00
Frequency: Weekly


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