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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section is designed to answer questions on the local area and on our group. If have a question you'd like answered, please get in touch!

Is your business within our catchment area?

Where does the membership of Clanfield Online come from?  Nearby villages flow into each other so this question required some thought.

Clanfield Online is managed by volunteers who are based in the village. We are not a commercial operation and we do not have the resources to offer membership to businesses outside our area.

Therefore, we have decided to offer membership to businesses and community groups in Clanfield, Chalton, Catherington and the northern part of Horndean from the A3 flyover towards the Drift Road roundabout.

If you have a business or community group within our boundaries, please contact us.

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How much does it cost to add my business?

Clanfield Online is funded by local businesses who we feel should actively play a part in promoting the local community in which they are a part. As such, we ask profit generating organisations and businesses to contribute £96.00 annually to have their business on the website and to promote their events and promotions.

With the income that is generated we pay to keep the website and social networks up-to-date, produce printed marketing, improve the local area and make donations to good causes.

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How much does it cost for volunteer/community/leisure groups?

If you are a 'not for profit' we do not charge you to be added to the community directory.

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How do I join?

Get in contact with us (using the button below)...

We'll send you a template to complete so that we can add your profile to the site. Should you be an invoice, we will invoice you annually for your profile.

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