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The CLANFIELD OBSERVATORY, situated in the Portsmouth Water Company's reservoir grounds at Hinton Heights, Hinton Manor Lane Clanfield, is owned and operated by the Hampshire Astronomical Group, where for over thirty five years it has been the focus of the Group's activities and a well known local landmark. The location is home to an Amateur Astronomical Observatory housing some of the finest astronomy equipment and facilities available to amateur observers in the UK.  Established in 1960 the Hampshire Astronomical Group has been in existence for over 50 years.

The Groups' aim is to encourage amateur astronomy through education and promotion of its sciences.

Astronomy observing projects currently undertaken at the Observatory include Exo-Planets [planets orbiting other stars] their study and timings - Variable Star observation - verification/confirmation of national and international astronomical discoveries -  monitoring positions of comets and near earth asteroids -  monitoring the brightness variations of asteroids [used in determining their shape].

Also the Observatory has specialised telescopes for 'daylight solar observing' to study the surface features of the Sun.

Furthermore, the Observatory is a CCTV monitoring station for 'UKMON' a Meteor Observation Network for the UK.  A collaborative project to create a network of video based meteor observing and recording stations sharing data and analysis across the UK & Europe. There is a full program of Public Open evenings/week-ends and Group visits throughout the year coupled with monthly interesting and educational talks by visiting speakers held at the ‘Clanfield Memorial Hall where non-members are most welcome to attend.

A 20 week introductory astronomy course is run from the observatory which incorporates background information and practical observing for those who wish to learn and understand more about astronomy and the workings of the night sky.

Visits and Courses are very popular and are often fully booked in advance, it is advised therefore to book early to avoid disappointment.

The Observatory may be visited only by prior arrangement For contact details, bookings and all other information please visit our website:[on line since 1998]

*The Observatory is in constant use accommodating member's training & observing; member's club night; Astronomy course; Public open evening/weekends and Group visits.

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