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Horndean Biodiversity Group


Horndean Biodiversity Group

The Group was set up in April 2006 to observe and record our local wildlife and to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining its diversity. To achieve these aims it works with the Parish Council and residents to: 

  • Survey, identify and record local wildlife habitats and the species that live in them and share our findings with other local and national organisations
  • Provide guidance about how to manage gardens, parkland, allotments, trees, urban and conservation areas for the benefit of local wildlife
  • Study historical documents and past surveys to detect changes in the local landscape, habitats for wildlife and species

 We welcome volunteers of all ages who want to join us and support our work. There is no charge and we provide the support and guidance that people need to take part in our activities.

 We published a Biodiversity Action Plan (‘BAP’) for Horndean Parish in 2014. This is an internationally recognized program to address threatened species and habitats and protect and restore biological systems. The BAP explains what biodiversity is and why it is important for the future of all living things. It also contains details of the many different species of animal and plant life that can be found within the Parish and the habitats in which they can be found, including several sites designated for nature conservation.

 Most importantly, the BAP sets out what we need to do to conserve, manage and improve our local wildlife habitats, including those in our own gardens, to support the many rare and important species that depend on them.


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