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Funeral Charges – A brief explanation

  • Author: South Downs Funeral Service
  • Published: 25th November 2016
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I watched with some disbelief, the programme on TV a week or so ago regarding funeral directors and the charges they make. Funeral directors have been the source of criticism for some time now due to the charges involved in saying good bye to your loved one.
However, I feel that the programme did not explain how funeral charges are made, nor did it explain the two ways in which funeral directors are able to provide the service you require.

The total charge for a funeral service is clearly divided into two categories: firstly, the funeral director’s charges and secondly the disbursements paid on your behalf to allow the funeral service to proceed.

Disbursements of fees they are sometimes referred to can include charges for the cemetery or crematorium, vicar or funeral celebrant, doctors for legal cremation paperwork, florist for coffin tributes, printer for personalised orders of service and newspapers for obituary notices. This list is not exhaustive and will vary depending on the service a family will require.

Our charges can be provided in one of two ways, and whilst both services will take care of your loved one and provide the same standard of dignity and respect, the Traditional Funeral Service will allow you to choose the style of coffin, the number of limousines you may require and when you would like the service to take place. The Simple Funeral Service however, will provide the hearse only, a simple veneered coffin and a service to take place at the funeral director’s discretion.

When we consider the charges a funeral makes to provide the service of your choice, we need to bear in mind the costs we have as a company. This may include staff salaries, premises maintenance, vehicle maintenance and advertising to name but just a few. We must remember that we need a significant number of staff to provide a funeral service ranging from those in the office to those on the funeral itself. Vehicle maintenance will include tax, insurance, maintenance and of course replacement, the latter of which can range from £70,000 to over £155,000 for each new funeral vehicle.

As members of Hampshire County Council’s ‘Buy With Confidence Scheme’ and ‘SAIF’ the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, we adhere to their code of practice and provide both a Traditional Funeral Service and a Simple Funeral service.
In addition, we also provide an Itemised Funeral Service for those who want to take care of certain parts of the funeral service themselves.

We would be pleased just to provide certain parts of the funeral service depending on your wishes.

Each and every service we provide will be confirmed in writing and an estimate of charges provided.

South Downs Funeral Service is wholly owned by Paul and his family.

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