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Brakes Working Correctly?

  • Author: Graham Parish
  • Published: 18th April 2016
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Brakes Working Correctly?

Like many things in life we take it for granted that our car will do what it is supposed to do. It will start and get us to wherever we are going whenever we want it to. And most of the time it does just that if has been looked after and well serviced.

And we take for granted that our car’s brakes will stop us when we need them to. We just assume that when we need them they will work, but what happens in an emergency stop situation?

In an emergency the difference between stopping and having an accident can be down to how well your brakes work - well maintained brakes can stop your car in a shorter distance - it may only be a matter of inches - but those inches may save you from colliding with another vehicle or worse, a cyclist, horse rider or pedestrian. 

Brakes like other parts of your car need to be regularly serviced and maintained. Having them inspected and adjusted keeps them in tip top condition. Modern cars have very long intervals between servicing, it is not uncommon to see modern cars only once every 20,000 miles now. To put that into perspective that is almost the same as driving once around the world.

So when were your brakes last serviced? 

If you feel that your brakes aren’t working quite as well as they used to, or are pulling your car to one side under braking or are making a noise, then it might be worth getting them checked.

Here at Hilltop Garage Horndean our highly trained technicians service and repair brakes as well as MOT all makes and models of cars and light vans. 

Call us on 02392 596038 or email us via the contact form on our website to book a service, Mot or brake check today.

For more inmformation about Hilltop Garage please visit:-

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