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Rising Sun to host Clanfield Board Games Association

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  • Published: 26th May 2016
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Rising Sun is establishing "Community Wednesdays". The Community Wednesdays will be focusing on providing activities for different sections of the Community as well as some meal/ drink promotions as well to help things along. It is all part of trying to make the Inn accessible and attractive to the diverse community we have here in Clanfield.


The Community Wednesday theme will develop over the coming month, but we are kicking off  with what will become a bi-weekly  (next one is 1st June 2016) session in the evening in partnership with the Clanfield Board Games Association. Now the CBA is probably a body you haven’t heard of before, I hadn’t either until I was working on the Community Wednesday initiative. So there are some words attached talking about what they do. The Games evenings will start at 8pm

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The CBA has been running now for two years as a small but ever growing group of relaxed and friendly gamers.

We have been meeting once a month to a very large variety of tabletop games and have a great laugh at the same time. We have run small demo events at various Church events for St James and when the Rising Sun contacted us with the opportunity of using their facilities to host the events we jumped at the chance to make the CBA public.


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For most people, board games still mean Monopoly, Cludo, Battleships or other "children's" games or perhaps party games like Taboo, Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit. Maybe even Chess or Scrabble which can become a little intimidating and not so fun when faced with other players who take the game very seriously. These are just the very tip of a huge and ever growing iceberg of boardgames.


At the CBA we play a large range games that are simple yet are packed full of creativity and ingenuity that reward you for thinking rather than a just a lucky roll of the dice or because you just so happen to know a weird bit of trivia. We have games based on dexterity, cards, dice, bluffing along with so many different themes like Pirates, Wild West, building historical cities, designing a castle, space exploration, or as simple as trying to pass your love letter to a princess. You name it and we’ll most likely find a game to fit it. I believe there is a board game out there for everyone so why not challenge me to find a game for you.


Many of the friends I have shown these games to have had that intimidated look in their eye when I first unpacked a game but by the end of the game they are flying along and could easily go off and play them by themselves straight away. There is no better way to learn something new than in a fun and friendly atmosphere, so come along and join us for a great Board Games. No matter if you have never played a board game or if you have played hundreds everyone is welcome and if nothing else it’s still a night out down the pub.



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