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Drift Road Development Plans

  • Author: Anne Cleaver
  • Published: 27th July 2016
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Drift Road Development Plans

Interesting new plans are being drawn up for the Drift Road Roundabout and adjacent shopping area. Clanfield’s shops have long needed enhancement, bare areas of concrete don’t make for an attractive introduction to the village. But at last Hampshire County Council has asked Havant Borough Council to undertake a feasibility study to design an improved landscape for this key crossroads and shopping precinct. These would include transforming the layout and paving of the footways and softening the hard landscape by planting flower beds and trees.  

Designs have not yet begun but preparatory talks have already been held with local shop owners. Chris de Mellow, chair of commented “we are fully supportive of any plan to improve the shopping area around the Drift Road Roundabout.  The present appearance of this part of the village is drab and does not encourage visitors to linger or enjoy the shopping experience.”

Clanfield Online is a not-for-profit community website, funded by local businesses and run by volunteers whose aim is to support, promote and celebrate our local businesses and the invaluable work of our community organisations. The website is using funds to support initiatives and projects across the village.  Chris de Mellow added “in October 2015 we planted a flowerbed beside the Co-op which volunteers now maintain along with the central roundabout to enhance this focal crossing point, but we lack the budget or manpower to achieve larger landscaping projects so this initial study by Havant Borough Council is very welcome.”

Clanfield Online supports the work of our County, District and Parish Councils and hope these exciting plans come to fruition for the benefit of all.

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drift road shops

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drift road shops

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