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Summer Solstice: Stars, Moon, Sleepover and Sunrise

Half Term Fun at Butser Ancient Farm


Event details:

  • Location: Butser Ancient Farm, Chalton Lane, PO8 0BG
  • Date: 20th June 2016
  • Organiser: Butser Ancient Farm

Monday 20th June – Under the stars at Butser Ancient Farm and a chance to sleepover in a roundhouse!

Summer Solstice: Stars, Moon, Sleepover and Sunrise


Come to Butser Ancient Farm to celebrate the shortest night of the year, or indeed the longest day with the summer solstice. Far closer than Stone Henge – and still quite magical.


Come and enjoy an evening of astronomy and magic, with Dave Woods from Hants Astro and Jacqui Richardson who is a Wiccan High Priestess looking at the stars, the rose moon and the sunrise of the summer solstice.  There is even an option to sleepover by reserving a space in a roundhouse or the villa, suitable for a group of friends who are happy to share.


Starting at 10pm on Monday 20th June, arrive and enjoy a drink while listening to a lecture by Dave Woods.  Later there will be a short ceremony to celebrate the Rose moon with Jacqui Richardson.  There will also be an opportunity to view the stars and moon during the night through the wonderful telescopes (clouds depending!). If the weather is too cloudy there will still be a chance to follow events on a projector within the great roundhouse.


For those wishing to reserve a sleeping place at an additional £18 per head, please ensure you book this in addition to the evening tickets.  Places are limited therefore please call Gwen on 02392 598838 (events and marketing) or email  to reserve the roundhouse of your choice.  These are suitable for a group of friends or a family to stay in. You will need to bring your own sleeping bags / mattresses. 


Refreshments will be available to buy on the evening (10pm - midnight). If you are sleeping over please bring your own food/drink for breakfast or drinks through the night. You are welcome to heat up water or toast over the fire in the great roundhouse. We will provide a large pan for boiling water in.

Everyone must be packed up and ready to leave by 9am at the latest on Tuesday 21st June. 

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